New Update

A new update is here.

Added a knowledge system of the age of other sims around yours. The new feature adds a new relationship to the sims so you can check the profile to know the age.

Certain sims automatically know the age. For example a mother knows the age of her son, her husband also knows the age of her and their child daughter knows the age of her brother but the toddler in the family is too young to know any age. And of course the young man next door knows the age of his girlfriend and his grandparents know his age. But a close friend needs to ask first how old he is to gain that knowledge. 

Added support for adeepindigo’s preeteen mod
There are now two archives in your download and you need to choose the right one for your game.

New ages with preteen mod:
Baby age 0
Toddler age 1 – 4
Child age 5 – 8
“Preteen” 9 – 12
Teen 13 – 18
Young Adult 19 – 29
Adult 30 – 64
Elder 65 – 99

Also, french translation for the main mod was added, provided by CanDYS

I am thinking about adding¬† a “preteen” stage on my own. The reason is, that the current mod also adds middle school and I want to try to add a complete new school system that replaces the basic system of elementary and high school with grades. But I will decide on that once I started working on it and finding out if I can replace the middle school as well.

You find the new update on the main page.

5 thoughts on “New Update

  1. thank you for this update!!! just I wanted to ask, do you have a twitter or tumblr or patreon so users can have a notifications about updates. It would be nice because I saw it for a chance)))

  2. Hello again.
    I guess the mod doesnt working properly anymore at least on short lifespan for children and kittens/puppies, as MCC changed its’ lifespan settings..

    When I set up 56 everywhere, it doesn’t become 28 on short lifespan and stays like 56. But when I set 28 on short lifespan, it calculates truely for teen and adults, but 14 days for children and small pets. I had no chance to check all the ages but normal lifespan is working fine. Just it is too long for mee as I am playing dynasty.

    Anyway there is a chance that my save is broken but I hope you will check it up for me. Thank you

    1. Unfortunately my computer died. I got a new one today but it will take some time to set it up and to test this mod. But that problem is not completely new to me. It is there since EA changed the aging with HS. At least back then I knew my mod worked without MCCC, but I wasn`t able to test anything for about two months now. Will look into it once I have this computer running again.

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