Update HS Patch

  • Fixed new aging files
  • Added new aging files for Cats & Dogs
  • Added new aging files for Foxes
    • Foxes don’t get aging traits
    • Foxes have 2 ages, adult and elder. The lifespan for a fox (real life) is 3 – 4 years
    • Adult fox is set to 3 years 84 days (short), 168 days (normal), 336 days (long)
    • Elder fox is set to 1 year 28 days (short), 56 days (normal), 112 days (long)
  • Modified aging files for animal objects (Chicken, Cow, Lama)
    • unfortunately all have the same file with only one setting
    • age child is set to 6 months
      • 14 days (short)
      • 28 days (normal)
      • 56 days (long)
    • age young adult is set between 1.5 – 2 years
      • 42 – 56 days (short)
      • 84 – 112 days (normal)
      • 168 – 224 days (long)
    • age adult is set between 5.5 -6 years
      • 154 – 168 days (short)
      • 308 – 336 days (normal)
      • 616 – 672 days (long)
    • age elder is set between 1 – 1.5 years
      • 28 – 42 days (short)
      • 56 – 84 days (normal)
      • 112 – 168 days (long)
  • Read the new installation file!

Because of the new aging files (they were changed quite a lot with this update) and a known game bug with aging, This mod isn’t working correctly with using MCCC. So if you want to use this mod you need to remove MCCC or wait until MCCC has a working update (tested with 2022.4.2 hotfix update)

2 thoughts on “Update HS Patch

  1. I really love the idea of this mod, but I notice teen age length is missing in the description, and ages in the game do not match what is listed her even when setting are set as directed. I also noticed that when I manually set the age, the progress in the age bar did not change, and I was not able to change it using UI cheats. Is the age cosmetic only, or should it affect lifespan stage? Perhaps it is because of a language barrier, but I am not sure I fully understand the instructions or intent of the mod.

    1. With the update teen age was not changed. It is the same as it is for everyone else. All ages mentioned on this post are only for cats, dogs, foxes, chicken, cow and lama and none of those have a teen age stage.
      What you describe sounds like what I experienced testing the new game patch with still using MC Command Center. EA changed the files quite a lot and MC Command Center needs an update to support age span again. So if you use MC Command Center you cannot use my mod at this moment or you need to remove MCCC for the time being (I tested with the current available version of MCCC).
      The intend of the mod is quite simple. Instead of a sim aging after a set amount of days to the next life stage it stays on the life stage and instead gets a new age trait and aging is reset to zero days. (A young adult with trait age 21 doesn’t age to adult, the bar resets, trait age 21 is removed and trait age 22 is added)

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