Age Matters

This Mod adds gameplay traits to each life stage to simulate a whole year based on seasons settings, but you do not need seasons for this to work. Once the Sim ages up, a new age trait is added – aging up from one lifestage to the next only happens for certain ages.

The setup is based on real life as much as possible:

Without Preteen Mod:

Baby – age 0
Toddler – age 1 – 5
Child – age 6 – 12
Teen – age 13 – 19
Young Adult – age 20 – 29
Adult – age 30 – 64
Elder – age 65 – 99

With Preteen Mod:

Baby – age 0
Toddler – age 1 – 4
Child – age 5 – 8
“Preteen” – age 9-12
Teen – age 13 – 18
Young Adult – age 19 – 29
Adult – age 30 – 64
Elder – age 65 – 99

Cat & Dog
Child – age 0
Adult – age 1 – 7
Elder – age 8 – 20

Aging up:
Be aware that EA designed aging with a delay that deepens on the settings. For normal the delay is 1 day!
Once the Sim reaches the point where it ages up the new age is added automatically. That also works with using the cake (Elders can’t use the cake). At special ages the Sim also changes the lifestage.

Those Ages are:

Without Preteen Mod:

  • age 06 (from toddler to child)
  • age 13 (from child to teen)
  • age 20 (from teen to young adult)
  • age 30 (from young adult to adult)
  • age 65 (from adult to elder)

With Preteen Mod:

  • age 05 (from toddler to child)
  • age 09 (from child to teen) (age 09 – 12 adds the preteen trait)
  • age 19 (from teen to young adult)
  • age 30 (from young adult to adult)
  • age 65 (from adult to elder)

Elders are a bit special because the game checks if there is a next age. For Elders there is none (EA Age), so it is not possible to trigger the next age with using a cake. But I changed the Interactions and deleted the test to check if there is a next age. The package is in the addon folder. Use it, if you want elder to be able to use the cake.

I had to remove age restrictions for the age traits that means it is possible for younger sims to have a age trait of a older age if the lifestage is changed manually (for example age down a sim in CAS from Adult to Teen). If you age down a sim like this you have to use the choose age interaction to set the new age, otherwise the sim ages up again once the age up is triggered.

Ask for Age
Well a mod that simulates realistic aging isn’t much worth if you cant do something with it. Why not asking other sims how old they are? There is a new friendly interaction that will throw a notification and gives you the answer of how old the other sim is.

Choose Age
AgeMatters choose a random age for each sim. If you want your sim to have another age (or you changed the stage) you can use the Choose Age Interaction. It is a cheat interaction, you need to enable testingcheats true, then shift + click on the sim you want to change the age. That works with all sims, not only those you control.

Know the age
Some sims automatically know the age of another sim. For example a parent knows the age of his or her children, a husband knows the age of his wife and a child or older sim knows the age of their siblings.
The knowledge of a sims age is added to the sims profile to check whenever you need the knowledge.

With the support for the preteen mod (by adeepindigo) there are two archives, choose the one you need.

For both versions,  there are also three folders you need to check before using them – and check your settings. MCCC user also need to add a few settings but there are installation files in this archive that will give you the information you need. Aging works with game settings!

  • 28 days a year (7 days seasons & short lifespan settings)
  • 56 days a year (14 days seasons & normal lifespan settings)
  • 112 days a year (28 days seasons & long lifespan settings)


  • Addon:
    • Folder Use Cake: Pregnant and/or Elder can use cake – remove it, if you don’t want that.
  • Packs:
    • Cats & Dogs: Aging files for Cats & Dogs pack – remove it, if you don’t have the pack
    • Cottage Living: Aging files for Cottage Living pack (chicken, cow, lama) – remove it if you don’t have the pack, or remove the files you don’t need
  • Pregnancy to change the length of pregnancy (deepening on game settings) – remove the files you don’t need

All Mods that change the following:

  • Mods that change aging (way of aging, length)
  • Mods that change amount of CAS Traits

MCCC is also incompatible (I added a text file for those who want to use MCCC with the correct settings for life span and pregnancy duration.) Since the HS Patch you need to change the duration and afterwards change the game setting for lifespan to one you don’t want to use, safe it, go back to game, go back to game settings again and change the lifespan to the correct one you want to use.


Read the installation instruction inside the archive!


@H for the script that controls aging, adding random age & choose age

Languages / Translations:
German – by me (included)

French – by CanDYS

15 thoughts on “Age Matters

  1. Hello. Thank you for update, ones you began to use this mod you can’t play without it anymore)))
    Just a small wish, can you please make an age to be shown on profile cards, it would be perfect.

    1. Unfortunately that seems not to be possible. Traits that sims can gain knowledge over need to be CAS traits. And from what I learned the main part of the profile cards are not changeable. Unfortunately the only option I would have is to add a notification to the profile card is to create 99 custom relationship bits and that would also mean a huge amount of files that check, add or remove the bits. I have not given up on finding a way but right now I haven’t found one.

      1. This feature is very anticipated for me as well, but it’s fine if it’s not possible! The mod is awesome already, good luck on developing it further 🙂

  2. Hi! Sorry if the question is stupid, I just couldn’t fully understand. If my sims’ lifespan is short, (and I use mccc) I must put into, for example, child’s amount of days 140?

    1. It is always 56, because that resembles the days for a normal lifespan setting. The changes I did make sure that the days are reduced if you play on short settings.
      However, MCCC age settings are not working right now. The reason is, that the file itself that controlled those settings was changed to another file with the HS patch. I am waiting for a MCCC fix as well and put it out of my mods folder until it is fixed.

  3. I have a question, is there anyway possible (I don’t think so but i’m still asking), to have sims when they turn 18, have a “birthday” that triggers their graduation from high school without them becoming young adults?

    1. No, there is no option. HS is still quite buggy and I have not found a solution for the school system right now.
      Like I mentioned in my last update post I plan to add my own school system to add more realism, so that sims don’t change to type of school because of their age, I want to try that they change the type of school because they finished that school year (from summer to the next summer). I want to make the school system more realistic, so they have different classes and also the possibility that they may have to redo a school year.

  4. Hi!I`m SweetOrbit. I made a Chinese translation of ur mod! BUT,when I wanted to go into the game test, I found the version conflict and made the game unable to load. My game version is PC: 1.89. Can I download the mod for Game version 1.89? I want to do a Chinese translation test first, thank you!

      1. Thanks for your kind reply.
        My game version is PC:

        Also, I invited the 1.90-1.91 game version testers to do the translation completion test, and the published Chinese translation introduction page is here:

          1. Hi Sotaru ,
            I still have a problem in the game, and I want to send you an email picture to get feedback on the problem. My email has been sent to you. Can you send me an email first?
            Look forward to your feedback soon.
            Best Regards

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